Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brick and Click Report

I attended the 10th Annual Brick and Click Conference last week. It was at NW Missouri State University. One of my colleagues was not that impressed with the location for some reason. There was a dearth of Starbucks for her, I guess. We also "enjoyed" driving all the way through Nebraska.

The best session I went to was by Eric Jennings and Kathryn Tvaruzka of UW-Eau Claire on "Quick and Dirty Library Promotions"

    In today's economy, money for promotion of library services is at a premium. Find out how the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's McIntyre Library has inexpensively changed the atmosphere and has broken stereotypes typically associated with the library and librarians through library promotions and activities.

Some of the best ideas included:
I also went to some other sessions such as:
Carrie and Sandra also had presentations, and I think they went pretty well.
The best part was being able to meet and chat with online and real-life friends at the pizza place when the conference was done.

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