Friday, April 12, 2013

A not-comprehensive chronology of reactions to Elsevier purchasing Mendeley

I first heard that Elsevier might purchase Mendeley back on January 17, 2013.  I blogged about it over at Collaborative Librarianship News which has a link to the TechCrunch piece of the same day.  I'll bet other news sources also picked it up.

Then on April 8th and 9th, Elsevier and Mendeley announced that it was official.  This created quite a flurry of opinion concerning the merger.  Here are some of the reaction pieces.

April 8, 2013
Confirmed: Elsevier Has Bought Mendeley For $69M-$100M To Expand Its Open, Social Education Data Efforts
A Matter of Perspective — Elsevier Acquires Mendeley . . . or, Mendeley Sells Itself to Elsevier

April 9, 2013 
My thoughts on Mendeley/Elsevier & why I left to start PeerJ
Sale to Elsevier Casts Doubt on Mendeley's Openness (Closed access article???)
Elsevier acquires Mendeley + all the data about what you read, share, and highlight (David Weinberger)
Elsevier changes strategy and buys Mendeley instead of shutting it down
Is it a good thing that Elsevier bought Mendeley? 
Elsevier bought Mendeley (Peter Suber)
Elsevier: All your data belongs to us. The huge scientific publisher sparks resentment by gobbling up a popular online gathering place. Sound familiar?
A few words on Elsevier’s acquisition of Medeley (Mike Taylor)
The Empire acquires the rebel alliance: Mendeley users revolt against Elsevier takeover
Word of the day: “mendelete” (Jason B Colditz)

April 10, 2013
The sale of the London-based startup to the publishing giant has prompted strong reactions from the academic community – is the partnership good or bad news for open access research?
Elsevier Buys Document-Management Platform Mendeley
The latest land grab in the LIS world: Citation managers (Christine Pikas)
To #mendelete or not to #mendelete?
"It appears (unsurprisingly) that Mendeley users are not happy with Elsevier's acquisition of the company."

[Added "Elsevier's slice of Big Data pie" on April 15, 2013.]

April 11, 2013
Mendeley and Elsevier (By Martin Fenner)
why I’m quitting Mendeley (and why my employer has nothing to do with it)

I'm sure I've missed some good ones, but feel free to let me know of major sources.  If you have time, it is also interesting to read all of the comments, particularly on the last one by danah boyd at

Personally, I am going to keep my Mendeley account so that I can keep on putting citations into the Open Access Irony Award Group.

** Edit **  Here are some more that came out more recently.

April 12, 2013
When the Rebel Alliance Sells Out. Posted by David Dobbs.
Lessons from Mendeley: Where’s The Open In The Model? (John Wilbanks)

April 13, 2013
What’s the right model for shared scholarly communications infrastructure? (Cameron Neylon)

April 15, 2013 and
Seriously, Mendeley people, what did you expect? (Mike Taylor)

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