Friday, January 14, 2011

Prezi session at #scio11

Here are my quick notes of Prezi... I'm giving it a try right now. If you are an educator, make sure you sign up for the educational account.
  • Overlap elements when you give a prezi
  • Don’t spin too much – don’t make your audience sea sick.
  • No way to embed a prezi within another prezi.
  • They have a good “learn” system and tips.
  • Prezi meeting can hold up to 10 people who can work on the same presentation.
  • For a good prezi, one should think in frames with multiple objects, not linear slides.
  • Instead of having to go forwards or go backwards to a specific slide, you just pull back, and then you can go wherever you want.
  • Think of prezi more like a concept map or a mind map – not just linear thinking.
  • Make the details small.
  • It has circle, square, and rectangle frames. Frames within frames, use as many frames as you need.
  • Take a look at some of her examples. Here is a group made one.
  • Make your CV as a prezi. Huh, that sounds like a good idea
  • Easier to get small than to get bigger. Start big, then scale down when you need to.
  • Use PDFs.
  • Use higher image quality in the upload. Zooming in will be granulated otherwise.
  • OverLAP, Shift DRAG, SURPRISE your audience.
  • It doesn't seem like prezis can be embedded into a blog, though.


Jennifer W. Hanson said...

Thanks for the post and tips. I'm a recent MLIS graduate who had a classmate use Prezi to give presentations in class, but these points make it easier to think about how to use it to give a good presentation.

andrew said...

Prezis can be embedded into a blog, providing your blogging platform lets you. I've got one embedded into a blog post here:
(the prezi itself isn't very good, but it does embed!)