Monday, January 17, 2011

Renovation Plan Demonstration at #scio11

Here is what I presented at the Science Online Unconference, Sunday at 11:30am-12:30pm.

Some of the feedback that I received was:
  • Students still need to have lots of physical books available to them on-site.
  • The library should scan as many books as possible to make ebooks.
  • Need to advertise just how many ebooks we already have available.
  • Advertise all of our electronic resources, not just ebooks.
  • Loan out Kindles (or other ebook devices).
  • Let people know that our document delivery services are free to them.
  • Spread the librarians throughout campus to create a more decentralized library. This will force faculty to think more outside the box.
  • Create more embedded librarian positions.
  • Better advertise that the library (and hence the university) pays for access to all of these journals, databases and ebooks, and that the information is not free.
  • Let the patrons know that we keep track of download data. Let them know some of that usage data. [That may or may not be allowable by the vendors.]
  • Should consider doing a before and after survey, so that we can see how much electronic use increases after the renovation has begun. This would be a good article opportunity.
  • Brand the golf cart as the "Library on the Go" cart.
  • Display the blue prints. Need to let them know what the place is going to look like and get them excited about the new facility.
  • This is an opportunity for the library to foster stronger connections to the students and faculty who already use the library, and an opportunity to create new connections with people who don't use the library as much now.

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