Thursday, February 2, 2012

My #libday8 post

Here is my LibDay8 post.

My day started with a 9am once-a-month PIRLS meeting.  (PIRLS is short for the Professional Information and Reference Library Services Team).  Some of the stuff we went over was: Brainstorm programs to accompany the October 3, 2012 Presidential Debate; in the renovated building, what should we call the "Access Services Desk" [Not that]; look at new mockup of ILL webpages and GIST; Law catalog merger issues and fixes; Genre now listed in the catalog; Policy Council and other team reports.

The meeting broke at about 10:15am, and then I was able to attack my email.  I only had about 30 emails that had come in over the last 16 hours.  (I usually don't check my email at home, since I want to deal with work problems while I am actually at work.)
Some of the things that I dealt with were:
I still have 34 minutes left to my day here, so I will try to spend a little time working on my article concerning OA resources that are used in Africa, maybe clean up my desk a little.
We are going to have a major snow storm tomorrow, so I think I will take my laptop home with me in case tomorrow is a work-from-home day. I am supposed to come in for a monthly Penrose Library Faculty Meeting, but that might be cancelled.  We will see.

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